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Our "BEST SELLER" G Butter Brownie Batter!

G Butter Brownie Batter is made with 100% roasted cashews and a blend of our 100% dutch cocoas.


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  • No Sugar Added
  • High Protein
  • CLA Fat Burner Infused
  • Low Calories
  • Keto Friendly
  • ALL natural ingredients
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • 30 Second Brownie


What to USE G Butter on


  • Eat it straight from the jar
  • Scoop two table spoons of G Butter into a smoothie
  • Spread some G Butter on your fruits/ oatmeal/ rice cakes / crepes/ toast/ pancakes/ snacks
  • Put two scoops of G Butter on the lid and put it into our microwaveable lid for 15-30 seconds and BOOM there goes your 30 second brownie


SKU: 15568-24970-9