Founded in 2010 in a South Florida rural humble household,

G Butter has become an international nut butter spread that revolutionized the meaning of healthy and provides an addictive flavor for people of all races, cultures, and backgrounds. 

G Butter is the world’s ONLY nut butter in the world that transforms from a spread into a brownie, in just 20-30 seconds in the microwave.


Our mission   is committed to staying true to our high quality standards and implementing eating healthy as an everlasting lifestyle by adding G Butter to your daily regimen. 

Our values serves as a platform of integrity in all that we do and all that we share with others. 

Our vision and dedication remains strong in making nut butter great again and promising to always innovate new ways to help people live a healthy life style while still enjoying food that fuels your machine.


G Butter has grown into one of the world's most innovative nut butters with over thousands of satisfied customers.  

G butter is now located in over 2,000 stores worldwide.  


G Butter has quickly become a household name and an instant hit. 

G Butter aims to change lives, one jar at a time. 


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