(G BUTTER) - As a family owned business, we would be remiss if we did not at the very least explain our defense and the facts of these false allegations. The allegations state we misrepresent our nutritional labels. To address this and your concerns: we do not misrepresent our nutritional labels.


In an effort to be transparent to our loyal customers, we feel the need to communicate the truth and facts of these allegations.

Plaintiff Michael Jordan - Associated with CopyCat Competitor company, filled a false allegation stating he is a consumer of G Butter 

The plaintiff who filed these allegations is currently being prosecuted by the Federal Government for fraud. You can view the information publicly: here. He has defrauded millions from retirees, veterans, hardworking consumers and even seniors. You can view the stories on the FTC website: here

The Plaintiff driving this baseless lawsuit is not a consumer of G Butter and is associated with a copycat company that is trying to steal and emulate G Butter’s proprietary “30 second brownie" formula. As such, the plaintiff has every motive to alter the samples submitted––that is if any samples were submitted at all–– to tarnish our brand, G Butter. As you can see on the docket from classaction.org, lab reports were not submitted by the plaintiff, just an image of an excel table.

G Butter has always been a company committed, by policy and ethical commitment, to the welfare of the public. We care for our communities, our country and our planet.

We take all allegations seriously, particularly those regarding our product or labels. We want to assure you that any and all complaints will always be treated with the seriousness that the situation has demanded.

We have worked many years from the ground up, to make our nut butter(s) a healthy, tasty and nutritional spread and hope to continue to bring many more spreads in the years ahead. Although we are flattered, we advise our competitor that is currently under investigation to please take the time as we did to complete the research, (research marred in the blood, sweat, tears and hard work) that it takes to develop a quality product. 

We urge you to please note that this is only an allegation and not a verdict. We fully intend to contest and defend against this false allegation and any others to the highest courts.

As you can see from the docket filed on classaction.org, the plaintiff has failed to file any lab reports. Not even one. A lack of evidence leads us to question the authenticity of their suit and of the only evidence they have submitted: a single image of a table. We believe they fabricated those numbers to spread negativity on our brand. A motion to dismiss has already been filed, as the plaintiff cannot produce any lab reports. 

Attached below our statement is one of our most recent Full Nutritional Analysis at a FDA approved laboratory

We want to thank you for taking the time to hear our side, and for reviewing the details of the suit, it is important to us to keep you informed and to continue to be transparent with our customers. Because you are our main priority!

I understand this is plenty to take in and I thank you for reading. As a consumer, it really is to your benefit to understand both sides of the legal battle; We too research the products that we consume, that is why I understand your position. Nevertheless, I really do hope that after viewing the FDA lab sample After taking a look at Michael Mohammad Jordan's track record you can come to your own sensible conclusion. Our product reflects the health-conscious consumer, like you, that is why it is important to inform you that you can rest assured our labels are valid.

In any case, thank you again for taking the time to review all the pertinent information involving the allegations.


Nestor Diaz



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